Debt Recovery Charges

Please note this is indicative only of our fees and services. We will be pleased to provide a bespoke estimate if you would like to contact your local office and request one.

Our initial estimate of our fees for this work is between £500.00 and £1,500.00 plus VAT. This is on the basis that the matter is resolved by a short course of correspondence entailing between 2 and 5 hours of our time. Our hourly rate is between £250.00 plus VAT per hour and £350.00 plus VAT per hour depending on which solicitor is dealing with your matter. Should the matter require Court Proceedings to be issued or defended, the costs will depend upon the sum in dispute, the number of documents involved, and the experience of any Barrister who may be instructed to deal with the trial. Should your matter proceed to a fully contested Final Hearing that lasts no longer than one day, our fees would range between £2,000.00 and £10,000.00 plus VAT plus the fees of a Barrister.

Disbursements (payments to others)

In addition to our fees on issuing Proceedings in Court, you would be liable to pay a Court Issue Fee. Typically Court Issue Fees are approximately 5% of the sum in dispute and Court Hearing Fees range from £25.00 to £1,090.00, depending on the sum in dispute.

The fees of a Barrister to conduct your case in Court will vary between £600.00 per day up to £6,000.00 per day depending on the experience of the Barrister involved and the complexity of your case.

The length of time likely to deal with your matter would depend upon whether or not the claim is disputed and the availability of Court time.

The Solicitors who carry out this work are:-

Please click the links to the profiles for information about the individuals qualifications and experience.

We will always give you an individual cost estimate at the start of the transaction, taking into account the specific issues in your matter.