Licensing Application Charges in Relation to Businesses

Please note this is indicative only of our fees and services. We will be pleased to provide a bespoke estimate if you would like to contact your local office and request one.

We provide advice and assistance in representing clients in relation to licensing applications for business premises.

We can advise you on completion of the appropriate application forms and the parties on whom the applications must be served and advice on any queries raised by the relevant authorities, and if necessary arrange for representation in the event a Hearing is required.

Our fees are likely to be between £750.00 and £1,500.00 plus VAT. If representation is required, then our costs would range from £500.00 to £2,000.00 plus VAT.

Disbursements (payments to others)

The Barrister’s fees would range between £750.00 to £2,000.00 plus VAT per day.

The Local Authority’s fee £100.00 to £365.00.

Our hourly rate is £300.00 to £350.00 plus VAT per hour. 

The length of time involved in dealing with the matter on a paper basis would be between two hours and five hours.

The solicitor who carries out this work are:-

Please click the link to the profile for information about the individuals qualifications and experience.

We will always give you an individual cost estimate at the start of the transaction, taking into account the specific issues in your matter.