Top Tips for Tricky Tenants!

Whether you are a property mogul or investing in a buy-to-let, the landscape for Landlord’s is becoming more and more difficult to traverse.  Recent updates in legislation have led to confusion throughout the Residential Landlord & Tenant sector for all parties, however errors may result in a serious imbalance in favour of the Tenant.  Below are some of the questions for Landlord’s to consider before falling prey to a potentially tricky tenant:

  • Are the terms of the Agreement fair, clear and most importantly, is it the Agreement you thought it was – just because a document purports to be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) does not mean it is;
  • Is there a Tenancy Deposit and have you complied with the Prescribed Requirements – failure to do so could not only be costly but also create massive delays in regaining possession at a later stage;
  • Do you know your Tenant – guessing that a Tenant is a Lawful Occupier does not protect you;
  • Are you instructing an agent and are they following your instructions – as far as the Tenant is concerned that agent is you; and
  • How would you evict your Tenant if you needed to – at any stage a Landlord may wish to regain possession of their property, it is useful to know in advance both the options and procedure before that day comes.


Charles Jamieson

Legal Executive – City Office